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What do our customers think of LIPOSOMA? The following testimonials will give you some idea:

‘Thank you so much for your friendly response and the information you gave us. It will be very useful in assessing our proposed research project. I am most grateful for your help.’

‘Thank you so much for your help, comments and references. I will study these references closely and discuss the matter further with my group.’

‘Thank you very much for your answer to our question. Your tips were most helpful.’

‘Thank you so much for your email. It gave us some very useful information.’

‘I appreciate your rapid and friendly response. Your email was a great help. I will be placing an order on your website.’

‘Thank you so much for the detailed information! It is really useful!’

‘Thank you for your response and the references! I will read these articles and get back to you if I have any questions.’

‘Thank you for the information you sent us. It was extremely useful in defining a starting point.’

‘My student has used your product and observed a beneficial effect in our models. This shows that your invention could help researchers all over the world.’

‘We eventually followed your recommended management protocol and everything seems to have gone well. We are currently working on the finishing touches. As soon as it is published I will send you a link.’

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