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How do we approach liposome contract manufacturing research project?

Liposome technology offers many advantages to the pharmaceutical industry, producers of vitamin supplements and the food sector – and, as a result, to patients and consumers. For instance, the active substance in a liposomal product is sometimes absorbed better by the body than a traditional formulation. In addition, the efficacy of the active substance can be improved because it is better delivered at the site where it is most needed. In short, liposomal products can be more effective in the body than non-liposomal products.

Your product as a liposome

Your active substance(s) could benefit from a liposomal formulation. If you have any questions about how this benefit potentially applies to your active substance(s), LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing can undertake a research project to answer them. We aim to provide answers to a number of scientific questions, including:

  • Can your active component(s) be encapsulated in a liposome?
  • If so, at what concentration and in what amounts?
  • Which lipids and auxiliary materials, and which preparation methods, produce the best results?
  • Can different active substances be combined in a liposomal formulation?
  • If the active substance is liposome-encapsulated, can it be absorbed more easily in the intestine?

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