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Liproteq®: improved storage stability enabled by our in-house developed liposome freeze-drying method

LIPOSOMA supplies freeze dried powders in bulk capsules, sachets, and as ingredients for beverages and other food and health products. We develop custom made formulations to address specific customer needs.

“Liposoma is mastering a unique skill that enables the production of even the most delicate liposomal supplements in a form stable enough for long-term storage”

Liposomal supplements in dry form bring several benefits over conventional water-based liposome products. Most notably, taking out the water improves the storage stability, which is important considering the delicate nature of the phospholipids and many of the actives we encapsulate in the liposomes. Another advantage is the significant reduction of the overall weight and bulkiness of a product, which can be reduced with a factor 5 or more. Finally, as opposed to their water-based equivalents, dry liposome products are very well compatible with capsules for oral intake including the specially designed more advanced capsules that feature delayed release for better intestinal uptake of their contents.

While different methods are typically used to take out water from conventional supplement products, such as evaporation, desiccation of spray drying, liposomal supplements cannot easily be dried simply because without water the liposomal vesicular structure collapses on itself leading to the complete loss of the unique properties. Only advanced drying methods including freeze-drying and fluid air bed drying can work and only if specific natural protection aids are added to keep the structure of the vesicles intact (so-called cryoprotectants).



“Freeze-drying is one of the few drying methods that can completely preserve the liposomal vesicular structure and ensure the retention the nutrients”

The principle of freeze-drying is based on sublimation of water from snap-frozen products at low temperatures and under deep vacuum. It is often used with delicate fruit and herbs to achieve long-term storage while preserving smell, taste and texture. If carefully finetuned the process can also be successfully applied to preserve the properties and structure of liposomes and make them suitable for dry storage. If frozen quickly at a temperature low enough and with the right type and amount of cryoprotectant, vacuum allows water to gradually leave the lipid vesicular structures and the cryoprotectant to take its space instead.

Liposoma’s proprietary Liproteq® technology has been optimized in terms of the type and concentration of both lipid and cryoprotectant to ensure optimal performance. A range of Liposoma’s liposomal supplements now features the Liproteq® freeze-drying technology. All these products are characterized by:

  • Liposomal protection of the active ingredient and all the benefits of liposomal actives now better preserved against degradation
  • Effortless encapsulation of the freeze-dried powder in many different types of capsules for oral intake
  • The possibility to mix these liposomal products as intermediates in other powder-based health products
  • A long shelf-life and less issues with variation in ambient temperatures during transport

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