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What is our ‘full-spectrum’ liposome contract manufacturing?

Once you understand the benefits of liposome technology, you may decide to entrust the entire process – from design to large scale production – to our experienced team of scientists and technicians. Indeed, our liposome contract manufacturing offers a full-spectrum service: all the way from the drawing board through to a market-ready end product, including preparation methods and a Certificate of Analysis.


We start with the design phase, evaluating the options for using liposome technology for your chosen active substance(s), such as vitamins. Together with you, we will decide on a design for the product, looking at various formulation possibilities. We will assess the most appropriate preparation methods, while also taking costs into account. We will then present you with one or more prototypes, and proceed to examine long-term stability, production upscaling, and quality control.


We ultimately deliver:

  • a comprehensive product composition, detailing all raw materials and their sources;
  • a comprehensive preparation method, specifying the most appropriate equipment;
  • a list of methods by which quality can be assured;
  • the list of specifications that the end product will meet, and on the basis of which certificates of analysis can be issued.

Our liposome contract manufacturing

Our scientific staff has an impressive track record in liposome technology. Their research work has also been published in numerous academic journals. So when you entrust the full spectrum of liposome contract manufacturing to our team, you can do so with confidence.

Highest quality

The result of our full-spectrum service is a product that meets all the specifications that we have agreed on with you – a product of the highest quality based on scientific evidence. Our liposome contract manufacturing delivers the highest quality – and at competitive prices. We quality control every step we do during the manufacturing of our products and subject the end result to rigid testing to ensure our strict quality standards are met. Finally, we have developed techniques  to preserve the delicate nature of our liposomal products during long-term storage.

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