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High-quality, cost-efficient, industrial-scale production

Liposome technology is attracting a great deal of interest – and with good reason, because when active substances are encapsulated in liposomal phospholipid bilayer membranes it can improve their uptake in the body. In some cases it means that the active substance better reaches the target tissues and cells.

Feasibility criteria

If a customer already has a prototype liposomal product, or has developed a prototype, LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing can examine whether industrial-scale production is feasible. We will make this decision based on a number of feasibility criteria:

  • Can the product be produced cost-effectively and on a large scale?
  • Can the product be stored adequately and can storage conditions be improved?
  • Can our own freeze-drying expertise better preserve the final product upon storage?
  • How can the quality of the final product best be controlled?
  • How can we help the customer to implement analysis methods for industrial production?

Together with the customer, we will prepare a specification list that clearly defines the quality of every batch. This allows us to issue a detailed Certificate of Analysis.


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