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LIPOSOMA: a wide range of services in a promising market

Liposomal product development can offer clients active in the market for vitamins or other nutraceuticals and medicines many benefits. For example, liposomal products provide better biological availability and target delivery, because the liposome can increase the chance that the active substance passes through the stomach and intestine undamaged and better reaches the site of intestinal uptake. LIPOSOMA offers the service of developing and manufacturing any private or white label liposome product the client may be interested in.

Liposome technology

LIPOSOMA provides a wide range of liposome contract manufacturing services. We use advanced manufacturing methods and thorough quality control procedures to ensure the best outcome for every product. Each batch of product that we supply carries a Certificate of Analysis detailing its quality and showing it complies with our strict specifications. We believe there are six major technical challenges in the manufacturing of high quality liposome products.

How we meet the six challenges of liposome contract manufacturing:

  • We ensure we have liposomes and not merely lipid emulsions and we control the liposomal vesicle size,
  • We make sure the active ingredient is really encapsulated in the liposome vesicles and not mostly located outside,
  • We customize every liposomal formulation to ensure a maximum of active ingredient can be encapsulated,
  • We look at stability on storage and at ambient and higher temperatures and increase the product stability if needed;
  • We develop quality control methods specific for each product we design and produce;
  • We make freeze dried liposome product batches for optimal storage stability and ensure that the liposome vesicles remain intact during this procedure.

Screening services using advanced liposome technology

When the client has already a liposomal product that they want to have assessed at the level of composition and quality, our screening service may come helpful. Read about how we can screen the quality of a liposomal product, assaying its components and evaluating its properties with our advanced measuring equipment.

Research projects: answering your question with liposome technology

LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing can perform R&D projects for its customers and partners in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industry. What kind of research questions and development projects do we take on? Read more about how we use our advanced liposome technology to give the client the answers they need.


Feasibility studies using modern liposome technology

LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing can perform feasibility studies for clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food sectors. Read more about what these studies entail and what we can do for you with our liposome technology and expertise.

Production and quality control

If you want to have a liposomal product made, you need a partner that delivers the highest quality at competitive prices. A partner who knows liposome technology from A to Z. Meet LIPOSOMA, the leaders in liposome contract manufacturing.

Liposome Freeze-drying

LIPOSOMA supplies freeze dried powders in bulk capsules, sachets, and as ingredients for beverages and other food and health products. We develop custom made formulations to address specific customer needs.

“Liposoma is mastering a unique skill that enables the production of even the most delicate liposomal supplements in a form stable enough for long-term storage”

Full-spectrum liposome contract manufacturing

Liposome technology can add great value to a client’s product portfolio, not least because the active substances of interest for a client may prove more efficacious when liposome-encapsulated. Full-spectrum service means we will guide the client through the whole process: everything from choosing the active substance to ensuring a high-quality liposomal end product. We understand that the products must produced rapidly and cost-effectively, and we make sure that the product quality is monitored and reported from batch to batch. Read more about our full-spectrum liposome contract manufacturing.


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Our services

As a leading company in this field, LIPOSOMA provides a wide range of research and liposome contract manufacturing services. Click on the links below for more information.