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Liposome contract manufacturing is a very promising market. For example, liposomal products provide better biological availability and target delivery, because the liposome ensures that the active substance can pass through the stomach and intestine undamaged. The substance is absorbed through the intestine, where its effectiveness is greatest.

Liposome technology

In this promising new sector, LIPOSOMA provides a wide range of liposome contract manufacturing services. Every product that we supply carries a Certificate of Analysis, so you know exactly what you are getting. We use high-end, advanced liposome technology to tackle the six major technical challenges faced by every contract manufacturer of liposomal products.

How we meet the six challenges of liposome contract manufacturing:

  • We provide our customers with robust liposomal vesicles with clear specifications.
  • We optimise the liposomal capacity, so that more active substance can be transported.
  • We develop vesicles that can transport adequate amounts of the active substance.
  • We ensure that the efficacy of fragile active ingredients is optimised.
  • We ensure that the fragile membrane structures stay intact during storage.
  • We can freeze-dry the active substance as the ultimate storage method.

Screening services using advanced liposome technology

You have a liposomal product. There’s little to see from the outside, so how can you be sure of the quality of this product? Our screening service answers this important question. Read about how we can screen the quality of your product for a variety of components, using advanced measuring equipment.

Research projects: answering your question with liposome technology

LIPOSOMA contract manufacturing carries out R&D projects for its customers and partners in the pharmaceutical and food industrie, but also for producers of nutritional supplements. What kind of research questions and development projects do we take on? Read more about how we use our advanced liposome technology to give you the answers you need.

Feasibility studies using modern liposome technology

LIPOSOMA contract manufacturing carries out feasibility studies for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, as well as for producers of nutritional supplements. Read more about what this process involves and what we can do for you, using our modern liposome technology.

Production and quality control

If you want to have a liposomal product made, you need a partner that delivers the highest quality at competitive prices. A partner who knows liposome technology from A to Z. Meet LIPOSOMA, the leaders in liposome contract manufacturing.

Full-spectrum liposome contract manufacturing

Liposome technology has significant benefits, not least because the active substances you want to provide may well be more efficacious when they are liposome-encapsulated. We can guide you through the whole process: everything from choosing the active substance to ensuring a high-quality liposomal end product. A stable product can be produced rapidly and cost-effectively. And a product that can be monitored using effective quality-control methods. Read more about our full-spectrum liposome contract manufacturing.

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