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Nanostructured lipid carriers

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Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) are spherical vesicles consisting of an amorphous lipid core surrounded by a shell of stabilizing surfactants that render the particles water dispersible. They are often referred to as 2nd generation solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN). SLNs are composed of a solid lipid core using only solid lipids, whereas in NLCs a liquid oil is mixed with the solid lipid resulting in the formation of a less ordered lipid matrix with many imperfections. The oil forms tiny droplets in the surrounding solid lipid matrix and compounds can be effectively loaded into these nano compartments, while preventing leakage of the active. The advantages of NLCs include an increased encapsulation efficiency, higher drug loading and physical stability, as well as improved chemical stability of the active. NLCs have been shown highly effective as drug carriers for poorly soluble oral drugs and other bioactive compounds.

By modification of the lipid core composition, a variety of different lipophilic compounds can be loaded in the lipid matrix of NLCs. The actives will mostly reside in the oil droplets inside the solid lipid matrix, and hence by choosing the right oil, the loading of the actives can be maximized while avoiding crystallization. The volume of encapsulation is larger than with liposomes, as the actives can be distributed in the entire lipid matrix and not only in a bilayer like with liposomes. Consequently, NLCs are highly effective carriers for oral drug/nutraceutical applications that typically require higher drug/active doses than in intravenous applications. Moreover, their superior stability compared to liposomes makes them resist the harsh conditions of the GI tract better.

At LIPOSOMA we are dedicated to empowering researchers with NLC technology solutions tailored for in vivo, in vitro and many more applications. With our scientific expertise, we can help you in advancing your research and realizing your product development aims, whether oral drug development or nutraceutical applications.

NLCs are typically manufactured by mixing a melted/dissolved lipid phase containing the active with an aqueous buffer, followed by high shear or high pressure homogenization to create particles of the desired size and polydispersity. Specific parameters, including the active/lipid ratio, absolute concentration of the lipids, lipid composition, emulsifier composition and temperature, will be optimized to generate a stable formulation with a specific active encapsulation efficiency and loading as well as other desired characteristics.

At LIPOSOMA, we understand the special needs and demands of academic and industrial researchers. We provide comprehensive support throughout your research journey, from initial consultation and formulation development to scalable manufacturing and quality control. Our collaborative approach ensures that our NLC solutions align perfectly with your experimental needs, enabling you to achieve consistent and reproducible results.


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