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Liposomes are spherical vesicles consisting of one or more phospholipid bilayers surrounding an aqueous cavity and they are highly reminiscent of natural cells. Liposomes are the most investigated nanocarriers in the field of targeted drug delivery. Several liposome-based drugs are clinically approved to treat diseases ranging from cancers to infections, demonstrating their versatility and applicability in drug delivery. Hydrophobic drugs/natural compounds can be encapsulated within the lipid bilayer of the liposomes, whereas water-soluble compounds can be loaded into the aqueous interior cavity. Moreover, liposomes are highly biocompatible and biodegradable, show low immunogenicity, and they can be easily surface functionalized for targeted, sustained and prolonged release.

As demonstrated above, liposomes are versatile and a myriad of different compounds, including hydrophobic/hydrophilic drugs, hydrophobic/hydrophilic natural compounds such as vitamins/nutraceuticals as well as biological macromolecules, can be loaded into their aqueous cavity or lipid bilayer. Their versatility provides a large variety of application options for both preclinical research, translation to the clinic as well as for nutraceuticals.

At LIPOSOMA we are dedicated to empowering researchers with liposome technology solutions tailored for in vivo, in vitro and many more applications. With our scientific expertise, we can help you in advancing your research and realizing your product development aims, whether parenteral or oral drug development or other applications.

The manufacturing process of liposomes depends on the used bioactive(s), lipid(s) as well as any additional excipients. Methods commonly used are solvent injection or lipid thin-film hydration, followed by extrusion to control the final particle size and polydispersity. Specific parameters, including the active/lipid ratio, absolute concentration of the lipids, lipid composition and temperature, will be optimized to generate a stable formulation with a specific active encapsulation efficiency and loading as well as other desired characteristics.

At LIPOSOMA, we understand the special needs and demands of academic and industrial researchers. We provide comprehensive support throughout your research journey, from initial consultation and formulation development to scalable manufacturing and quality control. Our collaborative approach ensures that our liposome solutions align perfectly with your experimental needs, enabling you to achieve consistent and reproducible results.


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