Why just 75 mg of liposomal vitamin C is enough

Everyone knows that vitamin C is good for you. But many people have no idea why, and there is some discussion regarding just how much we need. Read why vitamin C is essential and why the liposomal form of Vitamin C has so many benefits.

What does vitamin C do, and how large does a liposomal dose need to be?

What does vitamin C do, apart from preventing scurvy? On this page, we consider the functions of vitamin C in the body, and present our position in the discussion on how much vitamin C we really need.

Numerous applications

Vitamin C plays a role in many different biological processes. It helps the body to eliminate heavy metals that have been ingested and it plays a key role in the immune system. In short, vitamin C strengthens and supports the functioning of the human body in a number of different ways. So what is the best way to ingest this vitamin, and how much of it do we need when ingestion is optimised?

The volume issue

Is 1000mg of vitamin C a day better than 500mg? Some suppliers recommend the higher dose, even though research has shown that a daily dose of 200mg of non-liposomal vitamin C is enough. In reality, the dose is not the key issue. What’s more important is how long the vitamin C stays in the blood and can be absorbed by the body. And that is a question of biological availability and target delivery.

Target delivery

Thanks to LIPOSOMA’s liposomal delivery mechanism, a daily dose of just 75 mg of vitamin C is enough. This is because our liposomal formulation contains ascorbyl palmitate, a fat-soluble form of vitamin C in which the active substance is particularly well-protected as it passes through the stomach and intestine. In other words, delivery is targeted right to where the vitamin C is needed, making this liposomal formulation particularly effective. Studies have shown that using this liposomal delivery mechanism, the body will absorb a 75mg dose better than it absorbs a 200mg dose of non-liposomal vitamin C, or a 1000mg dose, or even more.

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