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LIPOSOMA offers distinctive liposomal formulations

For many years, LIPOSOMA has been gathering data from specialist scientific research into liposomes, lipids, pharmacology, and liposomal vitamin supplements (‘nutraceuticals’). What sets us at LIPOSOMA apart in the field of liposome research and manufacturing is the research track record of our team. Our liposome experts have worked in clinical development of liposomal products including those for parenteral administration, which require the highest quality standards.

We create liposomal products that genuinely consist of phospholipid vesicles, rather than emulsions containing phospholipids as surfactants. We also ensure our active ingredients are truly encapsulated inside the vesicles rather than just present among (and mostly outside) the liposomes. And every day in our own laboratories, we carry out more research into ‘ultra-small’ liposome technologies. Our ground-breaking research, objectified working processes, and state-of-the-art equipment all mean that we are able to develop distinctive liposomal formulations and products. 

Outstanding quality

Our liposomal products always meet the highest quality standards. The active substance is held within the liposomal vesicle itself or in the double layer of the cell membrane. In fact, our liposomes are optimised to such an extent that they can pass undamaged through the stomach and digestive tract. The ultra-small lipid vesicles also remain entirely intact during storage. Our liposome technology is based on numerous scientific research studies.

Avestin equipment

We use high-end Avestin equipment that enables us not only to homogenise liposomes, but also to ‘extrude’ them. Extrusion is a process which involves forcing ultra-small lipid suspensions through a membrane that has a fixed pore size. All the resulting liposomal vesicles then have identically small dimensions, which improves the stability of the liposome. Thanks to its improved stability, the product can then be stored intact for longer periods. We are always happy to advise you on the nanodimensions of the most appropriate pore size.

Liposoma Technology - Scientific Research Results

Superior products

LIPOSOMA products are superior in seven ways:

  • They are comprised of genuine phospholipid bi-layered vesicles which contain the active substance.
  • The active substance is only found within the liposomal vesicle or bi-layered membrane, and not outside it.
  • Our liposomal products are optimised for oral ingestion and intestinal absorption.
  • We can produce liposomal formulations to order for any active substance.
  • Every liposome has unique specifications and is subject to stringent quality control.
  • Our liposomes are guaranteed to retain their quality during storage.
  • Our liposomes retain their efficacy throughout their storage period.

And our products are competitively priced.

To learn more, give us a call at 0031 20 237 36 00

Liposomal CBD

There is growing enthusiasm about the health benefits of CBD. CBD supplements can provide support for the body. Naturally, this effect is greater when CBD is absorbed more efficiently by the body. To make sure that CBD arrives in the gut in its active form, a solution is to incorporate it in liposomes, which are small, carefully designed phospholipid vesicles that form very stable dispersions in water. The phospholipids constitute a bilayer structure in which the CBD molecules can be safely kept dissolved, while at the same time they act as surfactants that help present them to the intestinal epithelial cells in the most optimal manner.


Liposomal vitamin D3

LIPOSOMA offers white label liposomal vitamin D3 supplements. These supplements include high-quality vitamin D3, packed in a liposome, providing you with this vitamin’s numerous health effects. The supportive role of vitamin D3 on the immune system is the main reason for consumers’ interest in this vitamin at the moment. Vitamin D3 is also involved in maintaining healthy bones, muscles and teeth. LIPOSOMA supplies liposomal vitamin D3 in bulk, capsules and finished products. Moreover, we are open to discuss other tailored solutions. Our high-end liposomal D3 supplements are guaranteed by the academic qualifications of our team.