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LIPOSOMA: Our story

Asha van Rooijen founded LIPOSOMA in 2013 to bring Clodronate Liposomes, a research tool for immunological research, to the market. Clodronate Liposomes were developed by Nico van Rooijen and are used worldwide to study various models of autoimmune diseases, transplantation, neurological disorders and gene therapy. By investing an overwhelming share of revenues in research & development, Asha and her team expanded LIPOSOMA’s activities in a wide range of industries, ranging from immunological research to vitamin supplements and medical nutrition. It is LIPOSOMA’s mission to be a world leading lipid nanoparticle based company, guaranteed by its commitment to scientific excellence. Currently LIPOSOMA provides liposomal and other lipid based products as a CMO and branded label provider, offering platform technology for a wide range of human health products.

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