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Liposome technology

Our liposomes are tiny lipid vesicles made of natural ingredients into which a variety of active substances can be inserted – such as vitamins, CBD, or even plant extracts. The outside of a liposome is a phospholipid bilayer that resembles a cell membrane. It can contain and protect an active substance and can carry it through the stomach and digestive tract, where the substance is absorbed by the body. Compared to traditional capsules, tablets and drinks, liposomal formulations of active substances can achieve better bioavailability and superior targeting of the encapsulated active ingredient.

Leading the way

Our scientific staff can draw on more than 40 years of experience in developing liposomal formulations for research purposes, building on the pioneering work of our “nestor”, Dr Nico van Rooijen, and several other prominent scientists in our team who have each authored numerous leading publications. Read about our story here.



In addition to our liposome research & contract manufacturing division, LIPOSOMA also has a Research liposomes and a Nutraceutical division:

Read more about the scientific foundation of LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing.

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Our story

By the late 1990s, Nico van Rooijen had made a name for himself as a developer of clodronate liposomes. It was the operation of the human immune system that fascinated him most of all, and after achieving a PhD in cell biology in 1974, he devoted his scientific career to research into the immune system. He was particularly interested in the role played by macrophages in the spleen – one of the most remarkable organs, which is divided into all sorts of different compartments.

Science and work processes

For many years, LIPOSOMA has been gathering data from specialist scientific research into liposomes, lipids, pharmacology, and liposomal nutritional supplements (‘nutraceuticals’). And every day in our own laboratories, we carry out more research into ‘ultra-small’ liposome technologies. Our ground-breaking research, objectified working processes, and state-of-the-art equipment all mean that we are able to develop distinctive liposomal formulations and products.