Why does LIPOSOMA’s liposome technology offer so many advantages to the pharmaceutical sector, to producers of nutritional supplements, to the food sector – and also to patients and consumers? We create liposomal products that genuinely consist of phospholipid vesicles, rather than emulsions containing phospholipids as surfactants. We also ensure our active ingredients are truly encapsulated inside the vesicles rather than just present among (and mostly outside) the liposomes.

The advantages of liposome technology

Liposomal medicines and nutritional supplements can have a greater impact than non-liposomal materials. Our technology enables liposomes to behave like vehicles containing and protecting the active substance, which allows it to pass safely through the stomach and intestinal wall. The substance then circulates in the body for a longer period of time. This improves its biological availability, as well as raising the likelihood that the active substance can reach the part of the body where it can take effect.

Science-based liposome technology

Our liposome technology is fully objectified, transparent, and evidence-based. We only work with world’s leading scientists. This means that our customers can have access to the best products, but at a competitive price. Read how we differentiate ourselves in liposome technology.

‘We only work with world’s leading scientists.’

Liposomal contract manufacturing: our wide range of services

As a liposomal contract manufacturer we are taking on an exciting challenge: making high-quality liposomal products for our customers. But what does this actually mean in practice? Read more on how we overcome these six challenges in liposomal contract manufacturing.

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Growing numbers of customers have come to value our high-quality services and competitive prices. Read about the sectors for whom we carry out liposomal contract manufacturing, delivering quality through scientific rigour.