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About LIPOSOMA research & manufacturing

LIPOSOMA can take all your questions and requests related to your current and future liposomal products with our liposome research and manufacturing service. What sets us at LIPOSOMA apart in the field of liposome research and manufacturing is the academic qualification of our team and its commitment to scientific excellence.

Your research questions and/or manufacturing requirements will be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner. They may range from screening and feasibility assessments to full-blown manufacturing including comprehensive quality control of the final product.

The advantages of liposome technology

Liposomal medicines and nutritional supplements can have a greater impact than non-liposomal materials. Liposomes can be seen as carrier vehicles that contain and protect the active substances. When given orally, liposomes can selectively deliver the actives at the intestinal site of uptake leading to better bioavailability. When given intravenously liposomal delivery can be achieved directly at a diseased target site. Liposomal oral delivery can also indirectly improve the body distribution after intestinal uptake. This raises the likelihood that an orally administered active substance can better reach the part of the body where it should take effect.


Science-based liposome technology

Our liposome research and contract manufacturing is fully objectified, transparent, and evidence-based. Our technology is based on decades of academic research. We heavily involve the world’s leading liposome experts that eighter lead or emerge from these academic groups in our development work. This means that our customers have indirect access to the latest know-how. Read how we differentiate ourselves in liposome technology.

‘We only work with world’s leading scientists.’

Liposome research & contract manufacturing: our wide range of services

As a liposome contract manufacturer we are taking on an exciting challenge: making high-end liposomal products for our customers. But what does this actually mean in practice? Read more on how we overcome these challenges in liposome contract manufacturing.

Our services

As a leading company in this field, LIPOSOMA provides a wide range of research and liposome contract manufacturing services. Click on the links below for more information.

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Growing numbers of customers have come to value our high-quality services and competitive prices. Read about the sectors for whom we carry out liposome contract manufacturing, delivering quality through scientific rigour.